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Quick tips on joining us for class.

• Please Arrive 10-15 minutes before class

Classes start on time. Door locks when class begins.

• Enter and exit through the front door (on 12 Mile Rd).

• Please observe noble Silence inside the studio.

• Transition Room: holds your personal items (purse, keys, etc).

• Please do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to your class.

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July Focus: Liberation (Moksha)

(Abby + Mark Whitwell June 2016)

Independence is Freedom from external circustances.
Freedom is within, and is within our capacity to experience.

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
mrityormaamrtam gamaya
om shanti, shanti, shanti

lead me from the unreal - to the real
from darkness - to light
from death - to immortality
peace, peace, peace