Abby and Dave offer a Mantra Workshop for your students and for your Teacher Trainees.

This program is approved by the Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education Credit Hours.

• The power of the Sanskrit language

* What is a core mantra vs a power mantra
• What is mantra and What is Kirtan
• 5-7 Sanskrit Mantras / Prayers
  every student + teacher should know
• Mantra / Japa with Malas
• Group Mantra / Group Kirtan

Available in 2 - 3 hour blocks

and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Email Abby  or Dave to book your workshop
at your studio/location.



led by Abby

What is Jivamukti Yoga?
A challenging style of Vinyasa practice that is Bhakti based and  integrates Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Sanskrit chanting and Sacred Texts into each class.

An introduction to the Yoga Sutras
* Mantra / Sanskrit Chanting

• Pranayama
• Meditation
• 1 or 2  hr. Asana practice:
- Vinyasa Sequences to intelegently open the body, creative balancing sequences, peak poses that challenge the body and mind, inversions and Sivasana

led by Dave

This workshop provides an exploration of the fundamental principles of steadiness and ease that are the basis for all Hatha Yoga practices within the framework of intelligence that is Ashtanga Yoga.


• History and Lineage of Ashtanga Yoga
• Sanskrit: The language of Ashtanga
• 8 Limbs of Yoga within Asana

• Breath, Bandha & Drishti

• Safe & effective sun salutations

• How to modify & adjust every posture

• Opening & Closing invocation

• Revealing the Hidden Tantra

• Accessibility of Ashtanga Yoga

Please contact Abby or Dave to set up a workshop at your studio.

Abby and Dave along with their faithful drummer, Tom Price, (Vishnu Blue) offer Kirtan Events and Live Music for your yoga class.
Vishnu Blue has played at Yoga Festivals including:
Bhakti Fest Mid-west, Serendipity Festival and Yoga Fest. They have also offered Kirtan and Live music events at local and international studios throughout Michigan, Ohio and Windsor, ON.

What is Kirtan?
Kirtan is a community happening that uses Sanskrit Mantras in a call and response method that brings unity and uplifts the collective energy. Names of the divine are chanted to awaken divine presence with us and around us. Kirtan is a Bhakti, devotional and heart felt practice that is accessible to all.
No experience is required. You will be introduced to various deities, which represent the various qualities of the ONE. The effect of chanting is scientifically proven to elevate our mood and to open our minds and hearts to our full potential.

Live Music Offerings:
Yin Yoga with live music

This music is ambient in style with synth sounds layered with guitar, harmonium and drums
and Sanskrit mantra. Very soothing for the soul and spirit. (Class can conclude with a kirtan song at your request).

Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga with live music
A more energizing soundscape appropriate for your style of class.

Please contact Abby or Dave to schedule your kirtan or live music event.