CLASSES ARE only half a credit!

You can now use your regular class pass for Yoga Express. Each time you practice Yoga Express,
only half a credit (half a class) is deducted from your pass! Depending on your pass the cost of each class
will be $5 or less.


This series of classes offers a complete practice in 3o minutes.
Held  Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7 am - 7:30 am

Level 2 classes

Yoga Express
A complete practice in 30 minutes to inspire your day.

Each class flow has a unique focus and specific peak pose.

When you practice 4 days a week you work all major muscle groups
in the body along with practicing inversions, balancing poses, restorative poses and deep connective tissue opening poses.

This series also prepares students to enter Level 2 classes like Ashtanga and Level 3 classes like Soul (Jiva) Vinyasa.

Components of a Yoga Express Class:
Sun Salutations: build core and upper body strength and endurance while also providing cardio benefits.

Core work: builds stability for all asanas and is the foundation

for a safe and effective practice.

Peak Pose: each class builds to a different Peak pose.
We spend a little more time with this asana to give your mind and body the ability to relax, open and be at ease with sensation.

Classes conclude with slowing down of movement and Sivasana
final relaxation.

Pranayama (breathing techniques) are included in all classes
along with a daily meditation or inspiration to assist you in living your full potential.