We are happy you found us!
Welcome to the studio. We have been in Berkley since 2006 and are delighted to have you join our community.


We are an intimate yoga studio with a big heart,
located in Downtown Berkley, MI.

Our teachings are directly from the lineage of Krishnamacharya. 
All classes offer depths into the philosophy of yoga through references of The Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.

Asana, posture practice, is the primary tool we use to explore the mind, body and spirit.

The goal: to be steady and joyful in each moment, each breath-
while developing a healing relationship with the Earth.
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Breath is the primary teacher. (Meet the other Teachers at HOY here)

We are made of sound + vibration.
If we wish for a sound body and a sound mind we must infuse them with healing vibrations to tune them.

This is why we chant sanskrit mantra, and play sacred music.

This is why we hold Kirtans regularly.

Kirtans invite us to come together as community and chant the names

of the divine. The vibrations of the mantras re-tune our bodies and minds to our true nature (SELF) and elevate our progress on our path of awakening.

We offer monthly Kirtan on Friday evenings with our "House" kirtan group of Vishnu Blue: Durga Devi, Shiva Das, Tom Price and Abbey Taylor.

All are welcome to attend.

Kirtan is offered by donation.

We also host visiting Kirtan groups or leaders which are

"special events" that do require registration.

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2965 W. 12 Mile Rd. Berkley, MI 48072

Ahimsa / Aparigraha

(non-harming + generousity)

Ys 1. 33

Maitri Karuna / Mudita Upekshanam
Sukha Duhka / Punya Apunya / Vishayanam
Bhavantah-chitta prasadanam


Patanjali offers us sage advice

on how to maintain our sweetness of mind
(chitta prasadanam)
with 4 simple practices:

Be happy for those who are happy.
Animals are naturally happy and content.
This brings us happiness to observe their nature and inspires us to be like them.
This invites us to see a "sameness"

which awakens our heart to be kind -
to not cause harm another being (Ahimsa).

Be compassionate to those who are unhappy
Help when you can help. Be generous. (Aparigraha)

Be inspired and grateful for those doing good in the world.

Remain undisturbed to what you perceive to be wicked selfish actions.

Are your Ready to go deeply into your practice?  Join the Jivamukti Practice group.

THURSDAYS @ 6:30 PM with Durga Devi

Are you committed to a consistent
Jivamukti Yoga Practice? write "I'm In."

This group is for the Dedicated and the Brave.



New to Yoga?
Start with a Hatha Yoga Class

• ENTER through FRONT door on 12 Mile
• NO CELL PHONES in the studio
• Refrain from eating 2 hrs prior to class

• Arrive 10 minutes before class
• Classes start on time + doors lock
• Arrive CLEAN, no perfumes, or
  heavy scents (this includes smoke)

• Leave personal items in
  TRANSITION ROOM (keys, phone, purse)
• Observe Silence in studio space
• Bring a yoga mat, we have mats if needed.
• Bring a towel if you tend to sweat