This morning I took a yoga class….well, I zoomed a class. A live class with Deb through House of Yoga, of course!

It was Sunday morning and after getting up super early and running some errands, I settled into my meditation and practice space. My iPad set alongside me and my bluetooth speaker plugged in, I logged onto class about 10 minutes early.

As others were logging in, we said hello to each other, much like we would all have done if we were actually attending a class live at a yoga studio, in person.

My Private Meditation / Practice Space

I opened my mat and sat down, lit some incense and gazed around my space, yoga block and other props nearby. I looked at all of the pictures of teachers, gurus and the statues of all of the mythological figures of yoga. Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Kali, Hanuman and even the Buddha!

As Deb began here class inviting us to sit up straight and find a comfortable way to sit I sat firmly on my own meditation cushion. I reached over to the front of my altar, only a few inches away, and chimed my old singing bowl once as we began to chant “OM”.

The asana practice begins now…..Deb guided us beautifully through a very nice Hatha Yoga flow. It felt good to move my body around in these various yogic exercises and breath deep. What was better was to hear the sound of a teacher guiding me.

And even though I was alone in my room, the eyes of all the saints and sages whose pictures are draped across the walls, were on me. And I could sense that I was practicing with other people. We were all there together, even though we were separated by space…some of us in Royal Oak, some in Berkley, some even in Germany. And I felt so grateful that we were all courageous enough and had the expanded consciousness that everything was alright. We were all together doing our practice, guided by one teacher. This IS community!

And I thought I would never be able to have done this prior to the pandemic. I would have had to go to the studio to do this. I could not have practiced with other right in my own comfortable meditation space, with candles burning and the incense that I love filling the room with it’s meditative aroma. I would not be able to practice with my cats wandering around my mat or with my “people”, my teachers and gurus watching me from behind the picture frames. I would not be able to do an up dog and see my altar in front of me.

As Deb began to skillfully guide us out of sivasana and invited us to come back to a meditation seat to close our yoga class, I though how special this is, that we can each one of us be together with each other and still be in our personal space, where we feel comfortable, calm, steady and serene.

And so, I invite you, if you have not yet created a special unique and personal space to do your yoga in, to start thinking about it and make it a spiritual endeavor. It really is a Sadhana in many ways to spend time making your space uniquely yours…with pictures and statues, stones, books, etc., which inspire you to be your best. What inspires you to improve your character? Find that space and make it your own. And then practice with us there….join Satsang with us and meditate with us in your own space.

And if you need a real estate developer to help you cultivate your real state of personal practice space or need some advice or guidance, feel free to touch base with me HERE.


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