If you have ever been fired from a position or job, you already know that it just feels terrible. It IS personal.
We know that gratitude is an attitude that effects the outcome of a situation and the outcome of our journey, of our life.

I’d like to share with you my story of getting fired as a yoga teacher and how it unfolded to reveal the blessings of divine grace.

It all began way back in 2003 when I was teaching Ashtanga Yoga at my local studio. I and was invited by my friends and fellow teachers, Jeff and Dave to attend an Ashtanga Weekend Workshop led by Tim Miller, in Ohio at the studio, Yoga on High.

On the drive down, we talked about how great it would be to invite Yoga teachers like Tim Miller to come to Detroit. We agreed. Then somehow we agreed that WE should do it. The idea of House of Yoga was put in motion.

We did talk to the studio owner where we were teaching and asked if she would want to be part of our venture in hosting national and international teachers. She wasn’t interested in doing that.

We moved ahead with our plans. We booked our first teacher Godfrey Devereux, who was coming from Europe! However we did not have a venue. We found a local church and worked out a contract to hold events there.

To keep the story concise, I will sum up what happened here. We got excited, one thing led to another and soon we found ourselves planning yoga classes at the church and well…….conflict of interest – we were all fired on the spot without any discussion.

For me it was devastating. I always practiced being honest, having integrity, not creating harm. And here I was being fired. I had created doubt in someone elses mind, doubt of my character. I never had any intention of leaving the yoga studio where I taught. I had chosen to leave my position of teaching Design classes at College for Creative Studies to teach yoga full time. I found a replacement and trained her to take over my Design class.
I then took on teaching five yoga classes a week and and just like that the community of students I got to know and love over the past year were gone.

After wallowing for about 1 minute, Jeff suggested we move forward with our House of Yoga plans, and promote the teen yoga class I was planning to offer. Students started asking about us and asking for our classes. We asked the church if we could have classes everyday with the exception of Sunday They said yes so we added more classes. Soon some of our former students found us and started to practice with us again at the church.

We were back on our teaching feet!

playing in the snow outside my house.

Godfrey Devereux came. The workshop was enlightening and I would never have met him had we not invited him to come.

Who else would come to a church basement yoga space hosted by 3 yogis who had been fired?

Doug Swenson! Big brother of Ashtangi David Swenson. We shared him with Linda Kay at Yoga Chi and he did a session at her studio as well as at a weekend at the Church.

Wow who else would say yes to this?

Manju Jois! Pattabhi Jois’ son. Yes he came. Yes it was successful. Yes we connected with Mathew Darling, my first Ashtanga teacher. We co-hosted Manju. It was a true community event. So beautiful.

And our students wanted more they wanted us to have a space that was “ours” as in “theirs.” So we looked, and looked and finally found it on 12 Mile in Berkley.

Radhanath Swami

And in this magical space where we have LIVED and GROWN we have met and studied with incredible teachers, Bhagavan Das, Radhanath Swami,
Mark Whitwell,
Naren and Lopa,
Girish, and many more.

We have led a multitude of Teacher Trainings, formed our group Vishnu Blue and led Kirtans. Traveled to other studios as guest presenters and offered Live Music events at Festivals.

Wow! What a blessing to have been fired.
I was extremely grateful to be hired as a yoga teacher, however it was the firing that really ignited me to expand beyond my small thinking. Through the process I was able to let go of what I thought I wanted and who I thought I was. I received something I had never imagined that offered me so much growth and invited me to live closer to God.

The 16 year journey of House of Yoga has been truly magical, beyond my wildest dreams.

May you find the blessings in your life in places that perhaps you have not yet thought to look.
Thank you. I love you.

Jai ma.


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  1. Wow, that’s a crazy story! So glad you did get fired! And so glad I got fired. And here we are now….wherever this is!

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