ex·cuseverb3rd person present: excuses/ikˈskyo͞oz/

  1. 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify. “I couldn’t get the work done because I was too busy”

Hey, I am just writing this because we all have dreams, aspirations & goals. We, as yogis want to find out what our dharma is, we want to manifest our destiny? In order to manifest our destiny or achieve goals, we have to learn how to manifest. It is a hard path to travel alone. We get all fired up…usually, you know, around New Years eve. We start thinking of the year ahead and we tell ourselves, “this is gonna be the year that I……..”. Fill in the blanks. But usually by MLK Day (that’s the third week in January, BTW), you have already lost steam and that piece of paper you wrote all of your resolutions is long gone or buried in you junk drawn. Perhaps you might start a new goal but then again you lose momentum. And this is the roller coaster ride we all end up on.

I’ll bet it is most likely true that about a year ago you started thinking of some New Years resolutions for 2020. You had 2020 VISION!!! And you might have been determined that this was gonna be it. Yeah, 2020 is THE YEAR!! I will bet the most likely none of those things on your list you have succeeded at accomplishing. Even cleaning out your basement or the closet!

So, why can’t we get anything done. Is it just the way we are? We make excuse after excuse. It’s not me, it’s the pandemic! The politicians screwed up my plans! My boss wouldn’t promote me! Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…BLAH!!


Take a look at my favorite top 10 excuses. I have used every one during the course of my life. And I know how it feels to sit at night, in the dark and feel like you’re a failure! I have spent many nights feeling sorry for myself and making the same old excuses over and over and over again. However, over the past few years, I have started to inquire, why this has to be this way and how can I get out of this and really make something happen in my life before it’s over!!!!

Durga Devi & I have learned a few things over the years and the most important lesson we have learned is to be accountable to someone. I found a really great coach in my mantra teacher who is relentless and doesn’t slack off and will not accept my excuses!

You need a good coach and a good plan. And you need to watch out for these excuses because they are sure to come up. Sometimes they even gang up on you in packs of 2, 3 or even 10! Beware of them my friends. They will tell you things like “you are not good enough”, “you are too fat, too tall, too thin”, “you are not smart enough”. These are just mischievous ghosts that occupy your mind.

So Here We Go. My Favorite Top 10 Excuses

And cue the world’s smallest violin. It’s playing just for you. You want to accomplish great things but you come up with excuses to prevent yourself from moving forward. These excuses are natural thoughts when taking on a goal. It could be losing weight, starting a business, or teaching yourself Sanskrit.

These excuses originate inside your head as obstacles to keep you from moving forward in life. It’s important to rewire your mindset so you don’t naturally create roadblocks when setting your goals. Following are the most common excuses people come up with for not reaching their goals.

  1. Don’t Have the Money

The answer to the excuse regarding money involves sacrifice. It’s time to prioritize. What are you spending your money on that could be reduced or eliminated. Reduce spending by identifying items that are categorized as “wants” or “needs. Check all of those recurring monthly charges for CBS All Access, Netflix, Hulu and Disney + as well as those monthly charges for apps on your phone that you never use. How much do you spend on pizza or take-out?

There’s always friends and family you can look to as well. Regardless of who you ask, be sure to have a good plan and execution strategy in place so you have something to pitch to them. Simply asking for money without a plan will lead you nowhere.
Lastly, bank loans are an option. Your money excuse has been debunked. Get to work.

2. I Don’t Have the Time

When I hear “I don’t have time,” I take this as the notion that you are not in control of your life. Control your power of saying, “No.” It’s okay to turn down invitations when you have bigger plans in mind. Wake up earlier, go to bed later, and cut out any unnecessary, time-consuming matters. You have the time, you just need to make the time. We all get the same amount of time. 24 hours. You, me, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, your doctor, etc

3. I’m Overwhelmed

The grand scheme of a goal can be daunting. No matter the size of the goal, the goal itself may appear so large that you don’t know how to get started. It’ll be easier to focus on the minor tasks that will get you to your goal. Great Goals are achieved in small incremental steps. Focus on the process.

For example, let’s say your goal is to lose 30lbs in 30 days. Focus on losing one pound per day rather than the overall goal. If you concentrate on the daily goals, you’ll incrementally move towards the mission you set out for.

4. It’s Not The Right Time To Start

There’s never a right time to start. The only time to start is right now. Do it while you’re still breathing, because something will always come up: an unexpected bill, chore, or child. You’ll be kicking yourself in the butt later down the road because you didn’t work for that goal. There are few things in life that hurt more than regret. You don’t want to be in that boat.

5. Fear

There will always be fear. The most successful people in the world are fearful of something. But they have the courage to move past the fear.
Fear is a good thing. Fear means it is a big enough goal that is worth pursuing. If you set a goal that doesn’t scare you then you might as well take it off the list, because it will be easy to abandon. From there, turn your fear into excitement. Tell yourself, “Challenge accepted.”

6. I’m Too Old/Young

Use your youth to your advantage. You have time, and health. Your obligations are lower than an adult’s. No mortgage, no wife, no kids. If anything, this is the time to get started.

Is being a 52-year old diabetic with arthritis too old? If you are over the age of 50, you might as well throw in the towel because you are too old. Especially if you have diabetes and arthritis. At least, that’s how many may think.
A man named Ray Kroc was in the same boat. He had minor health issues, and a shaky marriage. However, he felt his best days were ahead of him. By focusing on people and the process, Ray was able to create one of the most successful restaurant chains in history. You know of it as McDonalds. But you’re too old, right?

7. It’s Just Who I Am

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe it, then it’s true. If you think, I’m not tall enough to be successful, then you won’t be. If you think you’re not pretty enough to reach your goals, then you won’t.
But why don’t you reframe your mindset to the inverse belief? If not reaching your goals is who you are, try changing your belief to “reaching my goals is who I am.” Just like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Change your story, change your actions, and change your life.

8. It’s Too Hard

Would you like some french cries with that wahburger? If achieving your goals was that easy then everyone would be doing it. We’d all hit our goals and be frolicking through tulip fields singing “Kumbaya” or “Hare Krishna”.

Everything you want in life takes work. It involves doing things we don’t want to do. I never cared for getting up at 5am in the middle of winter 3 days a week to go teach a yoga class, but I love helping others. If it’s hard then it’s another good thing. It is a good sign that you won’t get bored. I couldn’t tell you how many goals I pushed off my plate because they were too easy. A hard goal is stimulating and engaging. Now roll your sleeves up and get to work!

9. What Will Others Think?

Why does this matter? Give me one good reason why the opinion of others matters. This is an excuse because you have an inclination to quit and the naysayers will only validate that inclination. They’ll protest your goals because they are not ambitious enough to go after their own. At the same time, they’ll praise you when you do hit your goals. Don’t let the negativity of others hinder you.

10. What If I Fail?

What if you succeed? There’s a 50/50 chance for the success/failure outcome. 50% odds are pretty good odds if you ask me. Failure is always a risk. Get used to this. Very few things have a 100% success rate.

Use your excuses as an opportunity. Typically, your excuses can be reframed in a positive manner. This can help you gain momentum. These excuses are all in your head. They’re part of a story you are telling yourself. Once you acknowledge these stories, you can begin to write your new story and get closer to your goals. Because once you reach that goal, it’ll feel that much better knowing you overcame your excuses.

Now, what excuse do you have left? Sign up here now and make the commitment for your own sake and for your life!

You only get one chance at life and once it’s gone….well, it’s gone! Join the Warrior’s Journey now!



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