New Moon Puja + Satsang
Sat. May 18
@ 8:00 - 9:30 PM
 led by shiva das
with Durga Devi


Once a month Kundalini Meditation featuring a
30 minute gong Sivasana,
class led by Val
$10 minimum donation

This months meditation is to resolve inner conflict.

We are often confused when inner conflicts block our ability to think and act clearly. In these moments the minds prone or energy is scattered. This meditation, when done consciously and consistently, can resolve many conflicts and re-channel prana life force to form new patterns filled with clarity to act from our highest potential.

Tues. Kundalini
May 15 @ 5 - 6 pm

 Shiva Puja:
Shani Pradosham 
Sat. May 12
@ 7:30 - 9:00 PM
 led by shiva das
with Durga Devi + Tom Price

A sacred evening of ritual and mantra invoking Ganesha. Satsang led by Deb Colling.

Satsangs are for the benefit of everyone. We come together in community to support each other and draw wisdom for one another in order to support our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Donations of organic fruit, fresh flowers, monetary and your presence are graciously welcomed.

Yoga on the wall
May 20 @ 1 - 2:30 pm

sacred offerings

The Pradosham is a bi-monthly event that falls on the 13th day after the full or new moon in the Yoga Tradition. Prodosham literally means "the removal of sin or Karma". When prayers are done to observe blessings in our lives and particularly doing ritual to Shiva ( literally meaning blessing or auspiciousness ) it is said that this can help us to dissolve negative karma.

May 12th is the 13th day after the most recent full moon. David Shiva Das will offe Puja followed by a short fire ceremony. All are welcome. Monetary donations are accepted, flower offerings are always welcome along with vegan treats. If you have an image of Shiva or a Shiva Linga you may bring it to be included in the ritual.

Join House of Yoga Teacher, Deb Colling in this fun and unique workshop. We will be using the wall as a prop to receive assistance and create resistance, while you open yourself up to new possibilities within each posture.

The wall will support you and may allow you to move deeper into a pose as well as assist you to feel differently what it has to offer you, while experience more stability and ease. Space is limited to 12 participants. 

Register Here
$15 in advance / $20 at the door as space allows.