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LIFE OS Winter 2020 - Begins Jan 4, 2020

Aim High with the highest standard in Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Durga Devi and Shiva Das have been training Yoga Students to become Yoga Teachers since 2006.

Together they will help you to awaken your VISION,

VOICE and PASSION, and put these into ACTION.

In 2020 we will offer a brand new Teacher Training that includes One on One Mentorship hours.

This program meets all the new standards of the Yoga Alliance 2022 standards.

If you would like more information,

please email us and answer the following:

1. Why you are interested in our Teacher Training Program

2. Describe your current Yoga Practice

3. What is your passion?

An interview is required before an official application packet is given.

Yes, this is top secret stuff!

All dates and price info will be included in the application packet.

We are accepting the BRAVE and the BOLD

and the DEDICATED.

We will settle for nothing less.

Write us, if you qualify.

and Shiva Das:

Perfect your VISION - GET PERFECT 2020

in 2020.

How do we perfect our vision?

Purification, clarification and that putting your

wisdom into Action.