Membership PROGRAMS

House of Yoga is a low-profit business.
Your membership enables us to continue to offer daily classes,

special programs, workshops and moon pujas.

$20 / month

What you receive:

•  Advance notice on upcoming events and workshops

This membership is for those who can not attend regular classes but appreciate our special events, workshops and other offerings. This membership keeps you connected and supports the House Of Yoga community and our offerings of our bimonthly Full and New Moon Pujas.
(credit card required, charged monthly:  1 year contract)

Annual Membership - 1 year contract
$99 / month

What you receive:

•  Unlimited Yoga
•  Advance notice on upcoming events and workshops

(credit card required, charged monthly: 1 year contract)


We are here to support you! We are available to you before and after classes. If you have questions regarding your practice or in need of some personal guidance and would like a one on one consultation, you can contact us to set an appointment.

Our immersion program of Life OS may be beneficial for you. Or perhaps a series of private yoga classes is what you are looking for. We offer consultations to assist you in developing your yoga practice as well as to help you to live a more vibrant life. This can include: dietary suggestions, spiritual guidance and goal setting.

We are here to help you be your best and feel your best.

We are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your goals and becoming your full potential in this lifetime.

You can reach out to us anytime. (Durga Devi) (Shiva Das)