We offer Private individual sessions.
These sessions are offered in 1 hour blocks.

Each session is designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

The sessions focus on areas of the body that need to strengthen and to open to bring balance, as well as to aid the body and the mind in healing from injury, surgery or chronic conditions.

Private sessions enable us to provide hands on adjustments for proper and safe alignment, along with individualized instruction on how to modify poses for your body and how to best utilize the props for optimal support.

A private session can aid in your ability to enter a public class as you become familiar with Ujayyi breath, bandhas, asana names and correct alignment.

1 hr. Sessions $72

Contact Durga Devi or Shiva Das to schedule your private yoga session.


We host adult birthday "yoga" parties with a  yoga class for your group followed by tea and cake in the lobby.

We have also held weddings at House Of Yoga.

Durga Devi is a licensed minister and can officiate your special ceremony in our sacred space.

Other Offerings:

Couples Yoga

Mother Blessing
Baby Blessing
New Home Blessing (We come to you)

Contact Durga Devi or Shiva Das to schedule your special event or ceremony.



Bring yoga to your business or organization.

We have programs available to meet your needs.

We provide lunchtime yoga classes 45 minutes - 1 hour in

length at your location.

4 week / 8 week and 12 week programs available

Contact Durga Devi or Shiva Das to set up a program right for you.