Private Yoga and Coaching

We offer a private sessions for yoga asana and devotional practices.

Individual Sessions

We offer Private individual Yoga sessions offered in
1 hour blocks.

Each session is designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

Sessions can include:
• focus on areas of the body that need attention due to injury, weakness,
tightness or imbalance

• modifications and adjustments for
proper and safe alignment

• guidance in Ujjayi Breath and other pranayama techniques

3 sessions $297 
6 sessions $540 
9 sessions $729

Contact  Durga Devi or 
Shiva Das
 to schedule your private session.

Harmonium, Mantra  & Ritual

We offer private or small group classes on:

Playing Harmonium

Chanting Mantra

Chanting Prayers and Invocations

Leading Kirtan

Proper Sanskrit
Pronunciation and

Simple Puja &
Devotional Rituals

Private Coaching

Learn to live with purpose and passion.

Discover who you are and what you want.

Manifest your destiny.

Available via Zoom and in person if local.

Contact  Durga Devi 
Shiva Das to begin. Become a warrior in you life!