Private Yoga

We offer a private sessions for yoga asana and devotional practices.

Individual Sessions

We offer Private individual Yoga sessions offered in
1 hour blocks.

Each session is designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

Sessions can include:
• focus on areas of the body that need attention due to injury, weakness,
tightness or imbalance

• modifications and adjustments for
proper and safe alignment

• guidance in Ujjayi Breath and other pranayama techniques

3 sessions $297 
6 sessions $540 
9 sessions $729

Contact  Durga Devi or 
Shiva Das
 to schedule your private session.

Harmonium, Mantra  & Ritual

We offer private or small group classes on:

Playing Harmonium

Chanting Mantra

Chanting Prayers and Invocations

Leading Kirtan

Proper Sanskrit
Pronunciation and

Simple Puja &
Devotional Rituals

Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga to your business or organization.

We have programs available to meet your needs.

We provide lunchtime yoga classes 45 minutes – 1 hour

Currently available via Zoom only.

Contact  Durga Devi 
Shiva Das to set up a program right for you and your colleagues.